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Industry 4.0 is the future of all industries, including the energy sector, where there the main pillar is data collection and work with data and their effective use with regard to sustainability. Using this idea and the expertise of IT specialists and energy equipment vendors, we are helping to find intelligent energy solutions available to a wide range of people for everyday life.

Company mission

Through the unique combination of multiple energy sources, tailor-made services and flexibility, we help our clients contribute to sustainability principles while maximizing value for each one.


Tomáš Komada


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The word flexibility is currently a buzzword in the energetics professional community. We have developed software and hardware solutions for real-time flexibility management, which allows us to purchase it from industry, the commercial sector and households, something that has never been possible before. In other words, we buy from you what you may not even know you have.



Founder of the company ProEnergo Group

Pilot project SMART grid in the Russian Federation – for ROSSETI. 

Comprehensive supply of technologies for a 20 kV distribution network, 120 substations and transformer stations with a total output of 200 MVA, a network of charging stations for electric vehicles, application of modern technologies of ABB, SGB and other world producers.

Matej Michalko

Chairman of the Board
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Energetics, as a traditionally conservative sector with a high degree of regulation, can be fundamentally affected by blockchain technology. Built on the principles of transparency and security, blockchain can enable effective communication of individual entities, thus creating better trading conditions and potential savings. Thanks to its simple management structure, blockchain is able to link demand to supply, guarantee short transaction times and make operations more cost-effective.


A blockchain pioneer and organizer of bitcoin conferences, founder of the first bitcoin marketing agency Bitcoin Marketing, creator of the ALAX project, founder of Blockchain R&D Hub and Coinsulting, CEO and founder of DECENT

Mikuláš Praščák

Head of Development

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Our goal is to use new technologies to bring efficiency to the way we consume energy today. We are changing the way we produce, distribute and use energy. Our digital energy solutions help increase green energy usability and can transform the market to respond to current needs.


Development of unique state-of-the-art metrology systems – implementation, installation, commissioning and training of complete turnkey solutions around the world for dozens of clients, such as electricity meter manufacturers, calibration and metrology laboratories.

Development and commissioning of test and simulation equipment for train protection systems.

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