We provide grid services to network operators and energy market participants as an aggregator of virtual power plants through energy management. The benefits from the system are shared automatically.

An aggregator creates a virtual block from multiple sources. The resources do not have to be in the same place, physically interconnected with the aggregator or with each other.

We can connect and provide services even on devices that alone cannot. 

As an aggregator of virtual power plants, we can provide flexibility services across the EU network.

An aggregator can provide the flexibility of sources that produce and supply electricity, electricity storage and even appliances.

Each appliance represents a small power plant. We can meet network demand by changing its consumption (increasing or decreasing it).

Data evaluation from sources, network needs, energy market, weather

The aggregator creates its portfolio from many sources/appliances. This portfolio is processed and controlled by automated algorithms linked to national power system operators, the power exchange or weather forecasting models.

By aggregating a large number of resources, some of which are too small or can only provide service at a particular time, the aggregator can deliver high performance.

For our smartflex service we use algorithms of German company NextKraftWerke, which has been developing and operating them for 10 years.


You receive payment every time your resources are used

A tailor-made solution 

You contribute to protecting the environment and support renewable energy sources

You pay no additional costs for connecting to the service

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