We are a dynamically developing start up operating not only in Slovakia, but also in several foreign markets. We consider access to information and the ability to use it effectively as the basis for success. We see the future of IT and energy synergy on two levels, as an economic benefit for the client and a green one for the whole company.


We don’t need you to sit with us from 9:00 to 17:30. We need you to meet deadlines and submit well-designed assignments.

If you work with us, you don’t have to buy a new suit. When you need to, you can work from home, even in your pyjamas.

If you want to advance in your professional life, we will be happy to support you. Take advantage of internal or external training or professional conferences that will contribute to your personal development.

open positions 

Work with us to enjoy the breakthrough in the energy sector first-hand.

We’re not looking for new colleagues right now, but if our activities make sense to you and you’d like to work with us, let us know, please.



 If you have not found a job offer that meets your expectations, please contact us directly.

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